Saturday, March 7, 2015

Students As Authors: Writers' Workshop Part IV

It’s always a lifesaver to have extra writing activities on hand that are ready any time! Here are some fun ideas that I use for students who finish first:

Whole-class journals are community journals with open ended prompts. Click the link for my free whole-class journal labels

Scholastic's Story Starter Machine is SO FUN. Just click the link and you'll see! 

In the past I've had my students use Kidblog but this year I created a blog group on Edmodo. Every year I always have a group of students who take off with blogging and even do it at home...they are the writers who don't usually compose much on paper but when you give them a keyboard, they go on and on! The students also like having an audience and being able to write to each other. 

Drop Everything and Write
Just like Drop Everything and Read, we do Drop Everything and Write! I got this idea from my mentor teacher during student teaching and use it every year. The students love to interview each other and have conversations through writing. 

Have I convinced you? Isn’t writing the best? ;) 

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