Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Students As Authors: Writers' Workshop Part I

What’s your favorite subject? I would absolutely say writing. Mostly because I LOVE what my students come up with…their adorable writers’ voice and creative ideas. I also like it because it’s the one subject I have to plan the least for…once we get started on a writing piece, the students do most of the work! I also have become super comfortable with managing writer’s workshop. Not comfortable in the I’m-in-a-rut kind of way but instead comfortable in the sense that everything is just as it should be, smooth and peaceful. Who doesn’t love that? The funny thing is our routine for writers’ workshop stays the same all year yet my students nor I have ever gotten antsy with our routine compared to readers’ workshop that I have to revise at certain times of the year. Want to know what I’m talking about? Here’s an overview of writers’ workshop in my classroom that will be shared over a series of posts:

Characteristics of My Writers’ Workshop

My three favorite things about Writers’ Workshop: read alouds, sharing, and music. Some days we start our workshop with a read aloud to focus on a type of writing, text structure, topic sentences, etc. There are so many fabulous mentor texts available! Other days we start with a student or two sharing their writing. The students continue to have opportunities to share during and at the end of our workshop. Throughout the year they learn how to compliment each other and offer suggestions. Many a time a student will write something that is unbelievably amazing, something better than I could have ever planned…these moments are significant for igniting the fire in others. Lightbulbs go off in students and I hear words like “Oh I could include that in my story by…!” and “Look! I just added…just like Ashley did!” 

Isn’t that the best? Meanwhile The Piano Guys are playing on Pandora in the background and I think that nothing could be better than this. If you haven't listened to The Piano Guys Station on Pandora, you must go there right now. You'll be glad you did. ;)

Visit Hippo Hooray for Second Grade for more on Pandora in the classroom. 

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