Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week '13: Meet the Teacher

Welcome to Teacher Week '13, Blog Hoppin's annual anticipated linky party! I was enjoying "meeting other teachers" like Sara, Susan, and Stephanie when I thought maybe you'd like to meet me and we could be friends? Whadaya say?! 

 5 Fun Things About Me
1. I have two companions...LOVE them!

2. Cooking and baking has become one of my new hobbies within the last year. My parents didn't (and still don't) cook much when I was growing up so I didn't have much background knowledge in cooking. After cooking almost every weekend since October and taking two classes (one of which was through Living Social and was AWESOME), I can cook AND people are willing to eat it!

Check out my Pinterest board to see other recipes I've cooked and baked!

3.  I LOVE to be organized and clean. It's therapeutic. How do you like my bathroom? I saw the towel/basket idea on first I was just going to add the basket but then I ended up spending the next hour cleaning and organizing under the sink. Does that happen to you?

4.  In addition to blog-reading, one website I read at least once a week is Tiny Buddha.
Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is a website where numerous people write inspirational posts to help make our lives a little happier. :) I especially like the quotes that begin each post.

5. While I spend a lot of time thinking and doing school-related activities (can you say teacher nerd?!), I do manage to have fun in other ways. I recently went peach picking (and baked a peach pie, yum!), hiking (see the beautiful waterfall below), saw The Mowgli's (you may have heard their hit song San Francisco on the radio) in concert, and have tickets for a NASCAR Racing Experience (SO SCARED) as seen on the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Shenandoah National Park in Virginia

Thanks for stopping by to meet me! Take a look at the schedule for the rest of Teacher Week hosted by Blog Hoppin'.

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