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Monday Made-It: Reading Workshop Assessment + Lesson Planning Pages

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Last summer I created a fancy, schmancy system for keeping data for reading and writing based off of the CAFE book. Then the school year started. I love the CAFE book but all the different records became too overwhelming for me. Then I tried a big ole binder with a tab for each student but I couldn't manage that well either. Finally after lots of thinking, talking, and searching I have a new system to try and am hopeful that it's going to be magical! 

Guided Reading/Reading Workshop Assessment

 1. Materials:
1. Reading Resources (FREEBIES in my TpT store HERE and HERE)
2. iPad or computer 
That's all you need...easy peasy! 

2. Assessment:
Oral Reading Fluency       

Reading Comprehension
Oral Reading Fluency: 
1. Use hundreds charts for Running Records.
2. Record student's performance in Google Form (based on DRA2). 

Reading Comprehension:
1. Use Comprehension Questions/Prompts to guide conference with student.
2. Record quality of student's responses in Google Form (based on DRA2)

No more clutter of papers to worry about! 

3. What now?:
Google Sheets automatically orders the data by date/time but you can order the students by number by clicking the student column and ordering from A-Z. This way each student's data will be grouped together and you can more easily see individual progress.

1. Analyze data in Google Spreadsheet and use to guide instruction!

Grouping students by strategy is made easy!

Would you like to try out this system too? Here's where I found inspiration and tutorials:
Stephanie from 3rd Grade Thoughts
Farrah from Think*Share*Teach
Karyn from Doing the Daily 5!

One more thing...Planning Pages!
I LOVE to be organized but I was a mess this past year when it came to keeping legible plans. Perhaps at some point I'll make the move to digital plans but for now, I'll use my new planning pages. Download them (click image) for FREE on TeachersPayTeachers!

Happy Monday!

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