Friday, August 2, 2013

Student and Parent Gifts Throughout the Year

Happy Friday! Need some gift inspiration? Check out these ideas (with FREEBIES) that I found from some fabulous teachers.

1. Meet and Greet 
Sweet Dreams! I found this freebie from Sunny Days in Second Grade. Inside is a super, cute poem with confetti that the students are supposed to sprinkle under the pillow on the eve of the first day of school. 

2. Valentine's Day
A case of the Love Pox! I gave my students the Love Pox (heart stickers on their face and arms) for Valentine's Day. I found this idea from The Teacher Wife. She has the freebies to go with it too! We had so much fun spreading the Love Pox that day! 

3. End of the Year
Have a ball this summer! I can't remember where I saw/heard this idea but it worked out as a great end of the year gift for my students! I ordered the beach balls and a hand air pump from Amazon. The students used Sharpees and rotated to each desk to sign everyone's beach ball. I love this because it's a great way for the students to remember their 2nd grade class and it's fun!

You're OFISHALLY the best! This idea has been swimming around Pinterest from numerous other gift givers. I decided to do this for my classroom parents and found the small baggies and Swedish Fish on Amazon. I created the labels, which you can get for FREE on TeachersPayTeachers (click the image above). 

I'll be back on Monday with Monday Made It! Enjoy the weekend!

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