Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made It Linky Party

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!!

I'm off to continue setting up my classroom but before I do, I have three projects to share with you for Tara's Monday Made It Linky Party (click her button above to join in and/or view other super projects)!

1. Where Am I Board: I saw this on Pinterest last week and immediately went to make my own. I purchased the dry-erase magnetic board from Walmart ($6), the gems from Dollar Tree (hot glued magnets on the back), sparkly ribbon from Walmart, and used clear labels (my new best friend). I want to hang this by the classroom door but I'm not sure how to hang it so it will stay on the cinder block walls. I may experiment with the 3M tape it came with or hot glue a ribbon handle but do you have any other ideas?

2. Wrapping Paper Curtains: I was inspired by a pin from School Girl Style to make these wrapping paper curtains with pattered packaging tape as a border. I don't think this picture does them justice but they really warm up that corner of the room. I purchased the wrapping paper from Target and selected this particular paper because the animals relate to the second grade curriculum. My goal is to integrate as much as possible.

 3. Calendar: Now that I'm looking at this picture, I think the calendar area needs a border (or a few) to be visually organized, and I need to get more magnetic numbers. Nonetheless I was inspired by Mama Jenn's book ring calendar system to create my own. I love that she put all of the calendar pieces on book rings (my other new best friend) so that pieces don't go missing and it's easy and efficient to change anything. I used:

magnetic push pins from Walmart

magnetic numbers from Amazon (I chose these particular magnets because the entire back is covered with a magnet, also you're going to need at least two containers) 

magnetic base-10 blocks (it's that little orange ones piece on the bottom right, and I can't remember where I got those from)

I want to use calendar as daily place-value practice but may add other components depending on the needs of my students. You can download my calendar pieces from my TpT store for free. Some of the pages need to be printed more than once so I've labeled those particular pages with their multiple uses. Enjoy!

Hope you have a wonderful week! Remember to click Tara's button!


  1. I really like your where are you board. I'll have to remember about using clear labels. Thanks for sharing,

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  2. Now that is cool! Curtains made out of wrapping paper?!?! I would have never thought of that! It looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just LOVE the wrapping paper curtain. What a great idea!!! I am your newest follower. Come by and check out my blog!!

  4. Great projects! I love the wrapping paper curtains with thte tape border....too cute!

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  5. Ohhh, I love the wrapping paper curtains! So cute!

  6. Your "Where Are we Board" came out fantastic! Love it!
    - Michele

  7. The Where Are You Board is awesome and will definitely come in handy especially in the case of a fire drill or emergency! I adore your curtains, hmm just wish I had some windows now LOL! I need to join one of these parties! I don't know if I will have anything made by the close of business today BUT I am going to try! BTW you were up VERY early OR you posted and scheduled the blog which I am in LOVE with!

  8. Glad I found you through Monday Made it! Your curtains are amazing- never would have thought to use wrapping paper!! Stop by sometime... I'm a fellow second grade blogger :)
    Tori's Teacher Tips

  9. I love the idea to use magnetic numbers, brilliant!

    Mrs.D Reading with Mrs. D

  10. I loved looking at everything you made this week! I liked the clean look your calendar has and I thought the magnetic numbers were a terrific idea ~ I had never thought of that!


  11. I love the wrapping paper curtain idea, I will have to check that out!

    By the way, I have a 300 follower giveaway with lots of goodies! Come by and enter!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  12. Love the wrapping paper curtains!!

  13. Love the print on the wrapping paper. I kinda want some!! Do they work, or are they just up there now for decorative purposes? Like can you pull the cord to move the curtain up or down? I'm assuming no? Either way ADORABLE :) Love your calendar too. I definitely am going to be working on mine soon, so I pinned yours to save for later! :)

    Reaching for the TOP!

    1. Hi, Amanda! I wish they worked, that would be awesome! They are just for decorative purposes...that corner was looking very blah before. I'm glad you liked the calendar!

  14. I hot glue everything to my cinder block wall and it works! It doesn't hurt to try anyways. I love your curtains!

    ~Mrs. T
    Teaching Mrs.T

  15. Evrything looks AWESOME... You are amazing and continue to astound! ;). All you should have to do to hang your fun board on the cinder blocks is talk to Deb... She can put a work order in and then the next time "the guys" are in the building, they will hang it for you.... Problem solved! :)

  16. Thank you all for your comments! I'm glad the curtains were a hit! :)

  17. Love that you use magnets for your calendar. Everything about your calendar is just great! I am a new follower of your blog!

    Lovely Literacy & More


Thanks so much! Have a Happy Day! :)

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