Sunday, July 8, 2012

Show Me Sunday: Classroom Themes Linky Party

I figured it's about time I joined my first linky party! What better than 3-6 Free Resources' Classroom Themes party since I've been compiling resources for my first  classroom! Most of the items I've bought or made have been different shades of blue and green with accents of black, silver, white, and yellow. I just hope it all comes together when I actually start setting up my classroom!

I'm going to use this file box for students to place completed assignments. I bought it from Target, bought extra hanging file folders from Costco, added post-it file folder labels, and duck taped the lid (it used to be brown) in silver. Each student will be assigned a number and will place their completed work in the appropriate numbered folder. I think this file box method will help me grade efficiently because papers will already be in alphabetical order. After I've graded assignments I will place them in the outgoing mail tray (pictured below) for student mail carriers (one of the students' jobs, more on my plans for that in a future post) to distribute to student mailboxes. This should also make the mail carriers' job easier because again papers will already be in alphabetical order. I foresee this also solving the no name paper issue because students will have placed their papers in their assigned number folder.

Treasures from the Target Dollar Spot! I was inspired by Ladybug's Teacher Files' flipped labels to create my own label for the outgoing mail letter tray (you're probably going to hear that from me a lot this summer! I LOVE Kristen's products!). I want to use the caddy to hold seems like the perfect size and has holes in the bottom for drainage. Now I just need a plate or something to catch the extra water. The handle would make it convenient for a student to carry it to the sink to water the plants too. :)

I'm an organizing nerd. Love. To. Organize. The flowered binder (from Target) on the left holds Readers' Response graphic organizers (from Made in the Shade in Second Grade and The Teacher Wife). 

 I don't want to take up space on the white board writing objectives so I opted for these dry-erase posters instead. I was inspired by the pictures on Pinterest of using picture frames with scrapbook paper for writing objectives but think this is a cheaper alternative (unless you get your frames from the Dollar Tree). I outlined the perimeter with silver duck tape and cool polka dot tape that I had laying (or is it lying?) around (from Michaels).

 Another Target Dollar Spot treasure! I was SO EXCITED when I saw these I bought several of them. They are going to be great for saving paper in centers or if I'm demonstrating a sample of something.

 A Dollar Tree find, a Crayola Crayon piggy bank! Students can place extra change in the crayon and raise money for a special class treat or donate the money to a charity.

A work in progress, my school supplies tool box! It used to be blue but I'm trying to paint it white. I bought spray paint specifically for plastic objects but the paint is acting weird. Maybe it's the heat? It's been in the 100s for the past week here in Virginia!

Happy Sunday! Have a super week!!


  1. I love your Target Dollar finds! I need to check my Target for those dry erase pockets. I've been wanting some of those.

  2. Thanks, Kelly! If your Target does not have them, they are also available at Hobby Lobby!

  3. You're room is going to look fabulous! I love all those soothing colors.


Thanks so much! Have a Happy Day! :)

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