Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Word Study Poems

I love creating word study poems and using them with the students! I start by introducing the sound we are focusing on and challenge the students to find the different letter combinations in the poem that represent that particular sound. We echo read the poem once or twice. Sometimes we choral read it too. Then the students take turns and wikki stick where they hear that particular sound. After each word, I chunk the word and the students echo the sounds. Sometimes I have them turn to a neighbor and share the words with that particular sound too.

The sillier the poem seems to be the more they like it! They are great at echo reading... they say the poem EXACTLY like I say it, which is hilarious at the more expressive parts. For instance, today we did the long i poem (I haven't thought of a title for it yet) and they LOVED shouting, "Take a hike, Kyle!" They kept asking to read that line again and again!

Here are my most recent poems:
You are welcome to use these poems but please, cite me. :) Check out my other poems too!

I'll be posting my guided math assessment records (for free!) soon so stay tuned!!

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