Monday, March 5, 2012

Brownie Points

Here's a post on a whole group classroom management piece I am trying out in the classroom. My Mentor Teacher already has individual rewards in place so I wanted to add a whole group piece because I do a lot of Cooperative Learning and needed to motivate the students to work together (then they will hopefully see the reward and value of getting along). I got the idea to do Brownie Points from What the Teacher Wants! who got it from First Grader...At Last.

Here is the Brownie Points display I am using in the classroom:
The blue envelope has the brownies and the yellow envelope has the different rewards they could possibly earn once they fill the baking sheet with brownies. They earn brownie points when they get compliments from other people in the building, when they meet class expectations, etc. They have to really impress me as a whole group. Once the baking sheet is filled (they currently only need one more brownie point!), I will choose one of the following rewards from random:

Lunch Club: eat lunch with the teachers (maybe even outside if the weather is nice!)
Stinky Feet: wear socks around the classroom for a day
Top Chef: bake in the kitchen (this would take place during recess)
Let's Play: extra recess
Read to a Special Person: they would each pick a person they would like to read to (another teacher, the principal, etc.)
Game Time: play an educational game (like Jeopardy, etc.)

I have welcomed them to make suggestions for other rewards they would like but I prefer them to be non-material rewards. 

They get so excited when they earn brownie points! I always explain to them why they earn them and then I say, "Say 'Oh yeah!'" and they say, "Oh yeah!!"

I have uploaded the pieces to make your own brownie points to Google Docs!

I am preparing to introduce the bucketfilling concept to the students this week to help build a sense of community. I'll be sure to post about it's implementation!

Have a super week!


Thanks so much! Have a Happy Day! :)

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