Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Just wanted to share a quick post on two bulletins I've done this week!

The first is an interactive bulletin I created for our virtual field trips that we are doing via videoconferencing. The tv with the webcam is my attempt at replicating the TANDBERG, the videoconferencing system we are using.
The font for the heading is from dafont and is called Appleberry.
We've already "been" to New can read all about our experience in this post. For the other four trips, I have clues/riddles where the students can try to guess where we are going next! I put the clues in sleeve protectors, and I'll reveal our trips to the students as we approach them. Then I have little blurbs prepared about what the students will have done at each videoconference.

The font for the clues is from Kevin and Amanda and is called Pea Hollee.
Can you guess from the clue above what our second virtual field is?!

The other bulletin I did this week was displaying the students' mouse shapes from our unit on shapes.
The font I used is from dafont and is called DK Crayon Crumble.

Happy Wednesday!!

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